Saturday, 12 October 2013

Karen: My Summer Holiday in Hong Kong

Hey, so sad news, summer holiday has come to an end :( I'm now back to the UK, which has been freezing for the past few days... Sorry if we haven't been updating the blog for a while, it's because uni has just started and we need to get used to the study life again. Anyway,  I want to share what I have been doing in Hong Kong and show you some beautiful pictures of this small city as it is quite different from the UK and other parts of the world :) SO, here's the highlight of my summer in my home town!
The flag of Hong Kong :)

This was taken in Causeway Bay where I think it's a place for younger people to shop and hang around in :) 
A view from a shopping centre, as you can see, the buildings are built really close together. This is because Hong Kong is a really SMALL city with a high population, therefore the houses/flats have to be this close to fit everyone in their home :/ Also, this is why most people live in a flat. Living in a house would mean that you are from a wealthy family. 

My rainbow birthday cake with family. My birthday is actually in February, but because I wash't at home to celebrate it with my family, so we did in June :P The cake looked really nice, but it had too much cream which was a bit sickening :/ 

Qing Yuan 
I went away for a few days with my parents to another town in China which was called Qing Yuan. It was very countryside-ish, and we spent ages on the coach to get to our destination. However, the atmosphere and air were fresher and much nicer than Hong Kong which was great :) Also, the view of the countryside was amazing :)
This was incredibly amazing, it looked like a painting when I was there! 

I have no idea what the gold thing represents behind me, and nor do I think I was allowed to stand on there, but I thought it looked really Chinese, so I took a picture with it...?  
Again, I don't know the story behind this place, but I thought it looked Chinese so I took a picture :S haha

I went to a cafe in Hong Kong and its theme was that you can bring your cats here to play with other cats. I am a cat person, so it was a pleasant experience to be there :) 

Sai Kung, which was a great place to relax and enjoy the sun :) 


Cheung Chau - a small island in Hong Kong. To get there, I needed to be on a ferry from the city and the journey took about 45 mins :) 
The view of the island on top of the hill, which was breathtaking!
I stayed there for 2 days, and I got a bit cloud crazy haha!
The view from our small holiday apartment, and it was nice and windy :) 

Cafe 103 at Ritz-Cartlon Hotel 
I went to the tallest building in Hong Kong which was called International Commerce Centre (what a boring name -,-), it has 118 floors- pretty insane eh? Anyway I was only on floor 103 for a lunch buffet, and in my opinion, that's exciting enough haha :P 
At the hotel :)
The macaroons there were so yummy, and I went pretty crazy on the desert bar haha :P 
The view from floor 103! Notice all the tall buildings and how crowded they are... The taller buildings are usually offices, and the shorter ones are flats/apartment. 

This is the night view at the habour, I was actually on a ferry when this was taken. It was beautiful and such a relaxing city view :) 

Hope you like this kind of posts, I just thought it was nice to take a break from beauty and fashion :) Also, I hope this isn't too boring for you :/ Let me know if you enjoyed reading this x

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