Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review: CLARINS BB Skin Perfecting Cream

The whole BB cream thing seems to be boring everyone now, and CC creams seem to be the new thing. But we are sure everyone of us do have a BB cream favourite.

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream
Avneesh's review: I bought a magazine and got a sample of the Clarins BB cream in it, as soon as I opened it I fell in love with it, it smells amazing, a bit like jasmine. However the smell goes away when u apply it on your face and its not over-powering at all. Anyway, So I went and got it, and I love it.
My shade is 02 medium and it matches my face perfectly, they have three different shades and if you go to a Clarins counter you can ask them to apply it on your face or ask for a sample. And when you buy it they give you samples for other products to try which is great, and I am sure everyone loves that.
I would say it has medium coverage, which I like about it. If I want light coverage I apply less of it and it just works really well on me. It has SPF 25 which is also a good thing. It is oil-free which is a benefit for me because I have oily skin. However if you have dry skin, it should be fine for you as well as it is nourishing and not drying at all. When I apply it, it gives my skin a very subtle glow and just evens everything out. Also it feels very light on the skin, just like a moisturizer I would say, barely there. It looks like your skin, but better. Clarins also use natural ingredients so its not harmful for your skin. I have been using it all summer now and I think I will stick to it for a long time because I find it perfect for my skin.
Now Karen hasn't tried it yet but I have recommended it to her, I hope I will be able to make her get it because she is really missing out!!!

Let us know if you have tried it or which BB cream is your favourite this summer. :)

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Review: O R I G I N S Products

Hey girlies!

We made a cheeky visit to the ORIGINS counter in Selfridges few months ago nd bought some products that we had our eyes on for a while. We'd like to share what we feel about them in general!

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask 
As the name of this product suggests, it is best applied just before going to bed and leave it on our face overnight. This is best for dehydration, and it also prevents any future dehydration to our skin which is absolutely great!
Karen's review: 
At first, I wasn't sure about the concept of overnight masks, because I move around a lot during my sleep, and that the product will just be all over my pillow! However, I saw a few YouTubers spoke about this, so I gave this product a go! 
After a few applications, I am quite pleased with this. It has a mango and avocado smell to it, which I LOVE. Also, in the morning, I really do feel that my face is very hydrated! It is great to use during winter, as my skin sometimes gets a bit dry. However, I don't like applying this during summer, because due to the humidity, I don't want to put a thick layer of product on my face in my sleep. 

Avneesh's review:
When I heard of this product, I thought it would make my skin more oily as I already have very oily skin. Same as Karen, I saw many YouTubers talk about this so I was interested in it. When we went to the Origins counter, the lovely person serving told me that even oily skin can be dehydrated. So I bought it and I LOVE it too!
It doesn't break me out. I love the smell as well, it's a strong smell but not over-powering. I use it twice a week and I do notice a huge difference. It simply makes my skin look and feel very healthy. Unlike Karen, I like to apply it during the summer or winter. For me, it is a must have skin care product.

Super Spot Remover Gel
Karen's review: 
I don't have really bad skin, but I do get break outs from time to time, which is extremely annoying. I always am on a hunt for a good spot remover cream, because no-one likes spots, right? As soon as I heard people raved about this, I was like, I HAVE TO GET IT!
This is just like a 'beauty first aid kit', it's that amazing! After a few use on your blemish, it disappears like magic! I cannot think of any bad things to say about this product! If you are like me, who gets break outs sometimes, then I highly recommend you to get this. Though it's 14 pounds for a really small bottle, it's so worth it guys!

Dr. Andrew Weil for OriginsMega bright skin illuminating cleanser

Avneesh's review:
As you all can see, I have used a good amount of this. I love this product, it is just amazing and I will definitely be buying it again! I use it to remove my facial makeup. I wet my face with water and rub the product all over my skin and neck in circular motion and wash it off. It takes all my make-up off and leaves my skin squeaky clean and as it says, it illuminates my skin. I have had it for 3 months now, so it lasts really long and is definitely worth the money. 

Overall, we think that Origins is simply amazing. We are looking forward to buying the Clear improvement active charcoal mask to clear pores. The products we have from Origins have stood up to our expectations and we love this brand. Hope you check out some of their products as they are lovely, and they have many products for every type of skin. 

Let us know what you love from Origins and what you want to try! :)

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Review: Bioderma + L'Oreal Skin Perfection - Worth the Hype?

Hey cuties :D 

We're sure you have all heard of Bioderma. There was a HUGE hype about this product about a year ago (or more!). At first, this could only be purchased in French drugstore, however, now we can get this baby online!  Our job today is to discuss whether this is worth all the hype that has been going around!

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 
This product claims that it "cleanses, removes make-up, soothes". This description from Bioderma is not an exaggeration! It does its job perfectly well! We love the fact that this is fragrance free as we are really picky with scents. Also, we find that it does not dry out our skin like a lot of make up remover, which is great! It's really amazing how this little product is so useful.
You can get this on amazon, or on escentual.com! And if you live in France, you are really lucky that you can just buy this in your local drugstore :D

However, for more a budget buy, you can try L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution (what a name!) This product claims that it dissolves make-up, unclogs pores and tones skin. We find that this doesn't remove waterproof makeup very well, however, it is a good product for removing make-up on the lips.
L'Oreal Skin Perfection
We like to use this for toning! It is a great toner and doesn't dry our skin as all. It doesn't irritate the skin which we love. In additional, the price is very reasonable :)

Overall, we believe that Bioderma is really worth the hype on the blogging and YouTube world! Although, the L'Oreal one is not quite the same as Bioderma, it's the closest dupe we could find in the drugstore!

Thank you for reading, if you have any question, you are welcome to ask in the comments! Also, let us know what's your favourite make-up remover/cleanser!
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Friday, 26 July 2013

Our Top Six Summer Nail Polishes!

Hello everyone :)

Summer is the time for brightness and since nail polish is a quick way to polish our looks, we have picked our six favourite nail polishes for the summer. When it comes to nails we don't go for brands, we go for colours. So, here are our picks...

'Rimmel London Lycra Pro - 297 Show off'
Though on the bottle it says it lasts upto 10 days, it doesn't last upto 10 days on our nails. However, it is our favourite summer pink nail polish along with the 'BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine in Grapefruit'. We love the brushes of Rimmel nail polishes as they are thick which makes it quick and easy to apply them. Rimmel has lovely colours overall with a very wide range of colours and they are also very cheap.
The perfect sky blue colour, which looks amazing on the toes as well because blue cancels out the redness in the feet so it makes the feet look lovely overall. It isn't very opaque as does need 2-3 coats, and it lasts around the same time as the Rimmel one.

A beautiful lilac which almost looks purple to us. It goes together with many colours so doesn't matter what colour clothes you wear. Also we like the formula of this because it is very opaque and lasts a long time as it says on the bottle that it lasts for upto 7 days.

Our absoluteee favourite - if we had to choose only one colour for the whole summer, this would be it! This is a beautiful light purple which looks great on both of us. And we love love love the formula of this. All Essie nail polishes last for over a week and don't chip at all. Two coats of this and you'll get a very beautiful and subtle colour. It isn't a big pop of colour which we like because sometimes everyone likes a bit of softness, but it isn't a colour which goes unnoticed so it is great for any kind of a day.

'Ciate - Shooting Star'
Avneesh got this free in a magazine, but you can also buy it from any Ciate counter. It is a natural beige which everyone would love. This is also very similar to the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine's Lychee. Karen likes BarryM's Lychee more than the Ciate shooting star because BarryM is thicker and just needs one coat and comes out very opaque, but the Ciate needs 2-3 cotes and is quite thin.

We have already done a post on these colours so you guys can check it out (click here). It is a perfect orange which is very opaque, just need one coat and lasts absolutely ages. And this looks great on the feet as-well.

On the nails (From left to right):
Ciate - Shooting Star
Essie - Splash of Grenadline
MaxFactor - Lilac Lace
No7 - Minty Fresh
Rimmel - Show Off

Also, we would like to mention the following product, which we have been loving all year round! It is the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

This product is truly amazing, and it makes our job to remove nail polishes off much easier! It still manages to surprise us every time we use it. Although it says it can remove any nail polish within one second, we find that it takes about 7-10 seconds to completely take off any colours on your nails. If you have not got this product yet, we highly recommend you to purchase one soon :) 

Hope you enjoyed reading our choices for summer nails! Let us know what are your summer nail colours, we'd love to discover new nail polishes :) x
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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Unique Lip Colour?

Heya cupcakes, are you enjoying the heat in the UK?

Here, we have tried two products which change colour according to the PH level on your lips. Therefore, the shade will look different on each individual person! These are said to be 'designed to adjust the perfect shade and to compliment you'. Sounds like magic, huh? We are both blown away by the idea of these lipsticks, and we are going to review them for you :)

BarryM Lip Paint - TMLP (Touch of Magic)
After watching Megan's April Favourites video (her blog Wonderful You), we were fascinated by this lipstick as it is green and purchased this straight away!
According to the BarryM website, this reacts to our alkali level to determine how pink it looks on our lips. Also, it states that this has a waterproof formula which we absolutely agree with as this does not come off at all!
Karen's review:
I find that this lipstick doesn't dry my lips and that it's just so COOL to have a green lipstick in my makeup collection, haha! I really like the colour I get with this, and very pleased with this product as it is only £4.49 in the UK. Moreover, it really stays on your lips and you'll only need to re-apply once during the day!
However, because the staining power is so strong, it can be difficult to remove. I use Bioderma to remove this, and it sometimes doesn't get rid of the colour completely.

Avneesh's review:
Yes, this lipstick is unique and it does last long which I actually like about lipsticks. It stains my lips well and I like to just apply it once and then use lip balm on it throughout the day. But, overall, I don't like it as much as Karen. I found that it appears on my lips differently; I do not get the same shade all over my lips. So as you can imagine, it looks really weird on me. However, I will recommend you to have a look at this at the BarryM's counter, because you may enjoy this as much as Karen does.

Topshop  PH Reactive Lip Tint in Jewel
Due to Lily Pebbles's video on Daily Mix, we were drawn to this Topshop lip product.

Our review:
This is such a lovely product! It forms a pretty pink colour which looks great on both of us. It is more like a lip balm than a lipstick as it will give you a sheen of colour, so comparing this to the BarryM one, this is less pigmented. It is moisturizing, and non-sticky which we love. This has been Karen's everyday summer shade and we believe this is suitable for every skin tone.
Overall, we prefer the Topshop Lip Tint over the BarryM Lip Paint, though it is a little bit more expensive. If you are interested in this 'lip-changing' product, we'll recommend you to check the Topshop Lip Tint first.

We are thinking to get the Dior Addict Lip Glow as Estee (essiebutton) has spoken about it before. Let us know if you think we should buy it and if you have tried any similar products as mentioned above.
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Don't like frizzy hair? Neither do we!

Hello beautifuls :)
It is summer time and it gets humid, and everyone of us can get a day when we suffer from frizzy hair. We have tried SO many different products for our hair to make it perfect, and you have too, right?
Well, we found one simple trick and  product to make our hair frizz-free, smooth, shiny, soft and  nice-looking!
When you condition your hair leave the conditioner in your hair for more than 5 minutes, it will lock the moisture in and give it that extra shine, softness and prevent it from having any frizz. Also don't wash your hair everyday because that strips off the natural oils from your hair and it can also cause frizz and break your hair.
But we all know that hair can get frizzy the next day of washing it, or we sometimes just don't have time to wait for the conditioner to work its miracles. Well,we discovered a product whilst browsing in Boots, and it quickly is our absolute hair-care favourite. It's the 'Dove Hair Therapy, Damage Solutions, Intensive Repair, Leave-In Conditioning & Care Spray'.

You can apply it on wet or dry hair, simply shake the bottle and spray it on your hair. It does prevent damage and split-ends, but if you already have split-ends, don't expect this product will repair them. This baby is great for frizzy or dry hair because it instantly gives hair a boost and shine. Another advantage is that this is not greasy at all and is weightless.
Dove also has similar product for coloured hair which is called 'Dove Hair Colour Radiance Leave-In Conditioning and Care Spray'. So if you do have coloured hair, you can always grab one of these. The price for them in boots is £1.79 at the moment as they are reduced from £3.59. It is a super bargain, also they are 200 ml bottles so they last a very long time.

Hope you enjoyed reading and will try the little tip and product recommendation.Let us know your hair care routine if you have one :)
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

DIY Natural Face Mask

There are many face masks in the market to choose from, but most of them contain harsh chemicals in them and some might not work for you. Having a remedy for a face mask which you can make at home in just minutes sounds great, doesn't it? We have been loving this 'all natural face mask' we make at home and use.

All you need is:

  1. 2 Big Spoons of Gram Flour
  2. 2 Pinches of Turmeric
  3. 1 Teaspoon Lemon/Lime
  4. 1 Teaspoon Rose Water and
  5. 2 Big Spoons of Milk

Then just mix all the ingredients together, make a paste and apply on your face and neck. Let it dry for about 15 minutes, wash it off with luke warm water, apply your favourite moisturiser and you are done. You can use this mask twice a week.

The advantages of using these ingredients:

  • Gram flour will clear your pores, 
  • Turmeric will freshen your skin and give it a natural shine, 
  • Lemon/lime will give a polished finished to your skin, cleanse it and help reduce dark spots, 
  • Rose water will also cleanse your skin and make it smooth and soft, and
  • Milk is a natural cleanser therefore it will cleanse, glow and clear your skin

All the ingredients used in this mask are natural so there is absolutely no harm. Also this is a very inexpensive remedy and is suitable for all skin types.

Let us know if you use this home remedy and how it works for you! :)

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Review: Rimmel APOCALIPS

Hey guys, I'm sure most of you have heard of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers before! These are not brand new products as they have been in the UK for a while now, but they have been recently launched in the US. This product has confused us because both of us have had a very different experience with them.

Avneesh's review:
I was very excited when I bought these and the first colour I had was galaxy, which is a dark pink with slight shimmer, it has a purple tint in it too, perfect for autumn.The second colour I got was celestial which Karen has too. It is a soft pink colour. However I will talk about the reason why I dislike these. When I wear them after a while I get a line on the inside of my lips, I have tried so many things like wiping it from the inside etc but every time I wear these the line appears, and it is not attractive at all. On me these last for about 3 hours maximum.
This is the colour celestial on the left I wore and this line started forming after about half an hour of when i applied it.
On the right is galaxy which is freshly applied and is shiny and fresh looking.

The pigmentation is good but they have a weird smell, also the colours are lovely and everyone can find a colour for them, but I fear wearing these unless I will be able to look at my mirror every half an hour and be able to wipe the line off and reapply them. I like lip products which I know will last on me and would not look funny after a while, so I would not buy more of these.

Karen's review:
When these first launched in the UK, a lot of bloggers and YouTubers talked about them, which interests me hugely. The first shade I purchase was Celestial, which I believe it's quite a popular colour. I would say this is a very wearable shade and it will brighten up your face. Moreover, I think this would suit a lot different skin tones.
The second shade is called Luna, which is a 'nude-orangy' colour. However, I have to say, when I swatched this on my hand in my local drugstore, my first impression was 'OMG this is so orange'.Despite of that, when this was applied on my lips, I immediately fell in love with it. This is because the nudeness doesn't wash your face out and I think that this shade is great with a natural look. If you are looking for a nice nude shade which won't make you look dead, I really recommend Luna for you.
Although Avneesh is not a fan of the Apocalips, I really like their formulation and the consistency.I love the facts that they are very pigmented, not sticky at all and the matte finish it gives.
Nevertheless, there are two things I don't like: 1. The applicator, as it can pick up too much pigment which may ruin the application of the lip lacquer. Therefore, I advise you to be careful and try not to put too much on your lips when applying. 2. The smell, though it is not strong, I sometimes find the smell very annoying.
They are only £5.99 in the UK, which I think can justify the two disadvantages. There are more shades for you to choose in the drugstore, so definitely have a look. 

Let us know how you find them if you have tried them. :)

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Review: BarryM Gelly Hi-shine Nail Polishes

Hello Lovelies! 

We have absolutely fallen in love with the BarryM Hi-shine nail polishes! Why? Because they have beautiful colour range, you just need one coat and you will get the perfect opaque colour. The formula is lovely and does not chip easily. In the UK they are only worth £3.99, and for the price they are definitely a great buy! 

The neon-orange polish first left is called Satsuma which is a lovely neon orange, perfect for summer. It is also a good colour to paint on your toes. The second in the middle is called grapefruit which is a beautiful soft-pink colour for the summer. If you like pink nail polishes this one if definitely for you! The last on the right is called Lychee. It is a natural beige colour which is great for every season. If you feel like having a natural nails day it is a great option. 

However one little disappointment is the brush they have, the brush is a little thin which can make it difficult to apply but it's not a big issue seeing how good the nail polish is! It takes a while to dry but it's ok as you only need one coat.

They have a colour for everyone and every season! You can buy them at any drugstore (In the UK boots and superdrug). Offers such as 3 for 2 keep coming on so you can also have a bargain. In some Topshops, they have testers which allows you to test them on your nails. 

If you ask us, then we absolutely love these nail polishes and they are one of our favourites! We will recommend these Barry Gelly Hi-shine Nail Polishes to everyone out there, so go and check out your local drugstore if you haven't yet got one!

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