Friday, 26 July 2013

Our Top Six Summer Nail Polishes!

Hello everyone :)

Summer is the time for brightness and since nail polish is a quick way to polish our looks, we have picked our six favourite nail polishes for the summer. When it comes to nails we don't go for brands, we go for colours. So, here are our picks...

'Rimmel London Lycra Pro - 297 Show off'
Though on the bottle it says it lasts upto 10 days, it doesn't last upto 10 days on our nails. However, it is our favourite summer pink nail polish along with the 'BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine in Grapefruit'. We love the brushes of Rimmel nail polishes as they are thick which makes it quick and easy to apply them. Rimmel has lovely colours overall with a very wide range of colours and they are also very cheap.
The perfect sky blue colour, which looks amazing on the toes as well because blue cancels out the redness in the feet so it makes the feet look lovely overall. It isn't very opaque as does need 2-3 coats, and it lasts around the same time as the Rimmel one.

A beautiful lilac which almost looks purple to us. It goes together with many colours so doesn't matter what colour clothes you wear. Also we like the formula of this because it is very opaque and lasts a long time as it says on the bottle that it lasts for upto 7 days.

Our absoluteee favourite - if we had to choose only one colour for the whole summer, this would be it! This is a beautiful light purple which looks great on both of us. And we love love love the formula of this. All Essie nail polishes last for over a week and don't chip at all. Two coats of this and you'll get a very beautiful and subtle colour. It isn't a big pop of colour which we like because sometimes everyone likes a bit of softness, but it isn't a colour which goes unnoticed so it is great for any kind of a day.

'Ciate - Shooting Star'
Avneesh got this free in a magazine, but you can also buy it from any Ciate counter. It is a natural beige which everyone would love. This is also very similar to the BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine's Lychee. Karen likes BarryM's Lychee more than the Ciate shooting star because BarryM is thicker and just needs one coat and comes out very opaque, but the Ciate needs 2-3 cotes and is quite thin.

We have already done a post on these colours so you guys can check it out (click here). It is a perfect orange which is very opaque, just need one coat and lasts absolutely ages. And this looks great on the feet as-well.

On the nails (From left to right):
Ciate - Shooting Star
Essie - Splash of Grenadline
MaxFactor - Lilac Lace
No7 - Minty Fresh
Rimmel - Show Off

Also, we would like to mention the following product, which we have been loving all year round! It is the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

This product is truly amazing, and it makes our job to remove nail polishes off much easier! It still manages to surprise us every time we use it. Although it says it can remove any nail polish within one second, we find that it takes about 7-10 seconds to completely take off any colours on your nails. If you have not got this product yet, we highly recommend you to purchase one soon :) 

Hope you enjoyed reading our choices for summer nails! Let us know what are your summer nail colours, we'd love to discover new nail polishes :) x

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