Sunday, 21 July 2013

Review: BarryM Gelly Hi-shine Nail Polishes

Hello Lovelies! 

We have absolutely fallen in love with the BarryM Hi-shine nail polishes! Why? Because they have beautiful colour range, you just need one coat and you will get the perfect opaque colour. The formula is lovely and does not chip easily. In the UK they are only worth £3.99, and for the price they are definitely a great buy! 

The neon-orange polish first left is called Satsuma which is a lovely neon orange, perfect for summer. It is also a good colour to paint on your toes. The second in the middle is called grapefruit which is a beautiful soft-pink colour for the summer. If you like pink nail polishes this one if definitely for you! The last on the right is called Lychee. It is a natural beige colour which is great for every season. If you feel like having a natural nails day it is a great option. 

However one little disappointment is the brush they have, the brush is a little thin which can make it difficult to apply but it's not a big issue seeing how good the nail polish is! It takes a while to dry but it's ok as you only need one coat.

They have a colour for everyone and every season! You can buy them at any drugstore (In the UK boots and superdrug). Offers such as 3 for 2 keep coming on so you can also have a bargain. In some Topshops, they have testers which allows you to test them on your nails. 

If you ask us, then we absolutely love these nail polishes and they are one of our favourites! We will recommend these Barry Gelly Hi-shine Nail Polishes to everyone out there, so go and check out your local drugstore if you haven't yet got one!

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