Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Unique Lip Colour?

Heya cupcakes, are you enjoying the heat in the UK?

Here, we have tried two products which change colour according to the PH level on your lips. Therefore, the shade will look different on each individual person! These are said to be 'designed to adjust the perfect shade and to compliment you'. Sounds like magic, huh? We are both blown away by the idea of these lipsticks, and we are going to review them for you :)

BarryM Lip Paint - TMLP (Touch of Magic)
After watching Megan's April Favourites video (her blog Wonderful You), we were fascinated by this lipstick as it is green and purchased this straight away!
According to the BarryM website, this reacts to our alkali level to determine how pink it looks on our lips. Also, it states that this has a waterproof formula which we absolutely agree with as this does not come off at all!
Karen's review:
I find that this lipstick doesn't dry my lips and that it's just so COOL to have a green lipstick in my makeup collection, haha! I really like the colour I get with this, and very pleased with this product as it is only £4.49 in the UK. Moreover, it really stays on your lips and you'll only need to re-apply once during the day!
However, because the staining power is so strong, it can be difficult to remove. I use Bioderma to remove this, and it sometimes doesn't get rid of the colour completely.

Avneesh's review:
Yes, this lipstick is unique and it does last long which I actually like about lipsticks. It stains my lips well and I like to just apply it once and then use lip balm on it throughout the day. But, overall, I don't like it as much as Karen. I found that it appears on my lips differently; I do not get the same shade all over my lips. So as you can imagine, it looks really weird on me. However, I will recommend you to have a look at this at the BarryM's counter, because you may enjoy this as much as Karen does.

Topshop  PH Reactive Lip Tint in Jewel
Due to Lily Pebbles's video on Daily Mix, we were drawn to this Topshop lip product.

Our review:
This is such a lovely product! It forms a pretty pink colour which looks great on both of us. It is more like a lip balm than a lipstick as it will give you a sheen of colour, so comparing this to the BarryM one, this is less pigmented. It is moisturizing, and non-sticky which we love. This has been Karen's everyday summer shade and we believe this is suitable for every skin tone.
Overall, we prefer the Topshop Lip Tint over the BarryM Lip Paint, though it is a little bit more expensive. If you are interested in this 'lip-changing' product, we'll recommend you to check the Topshop Lip Tint first.

We are thinking to get the Dior Addict Lip Glow as Estee (essiebutton) has spoken about it before. Let us know if you think we should buy it and if you have tried any similar products as mentioned above.

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