Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review: CLARINS BB Skin Perfecting Cream

The whole BB cream thing seems to be boring everyone now, and CC creams seem to be the new thing. But we are sure everyone of us do have a BB cream favourite.

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream
Avneesh's review: I bought a magazine and got a sample of the Clarins BB cream in it, as soon as I opened it I fell in love with it, it smells amazing, a bit like jasmine. However the smell goes away when u apply it on your face and its not over-powering at all. Anyway, So I went and got it, and I love it.
My shade is 02 medium and it matches my face perfectly, they have three different shades and if you go to a Clarins counter you can ask them to apply it on your face or ask for a sample. And when you buy it they give you samples for other products to try which is great, and I am sure everyone loves that.
I would say it has medium coverage, which I like about it. If I want light coverage I apply less of it and it just works really well on me. It has SPF 25 which is also a good thing. It is oil-free which is a benefit for me because I have oily skin. However if you have dry skin, it should be fine for you as well as it is nourishing and not drying at all. When I apply it, it gives my skin a very subtle glow and just evens everything out. Also it feels very light on the skin, just like a moisturizer I would say, barely there. It looks like your skin, but better. Clarins also use natural ingredients so its not harmful for your skin. I have been using it all summer now and I think I will stick to it for a long time because I find it perfect for my skin.
Now Karen hasn't tried it yet but I have recommended it to her, I hope I will be able to make her get it because she is really missing out!!!

Let us know if you have tried it or which BB cream is your favourite this summer. :)

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