Friday, 30 August 2013

6 Autumn/ Winter Lip products

We still have summer here in the UK, but we are sure that everyone out there can feel the autumn breeze kicking in. With that we have started moving towards everything which is related to autumn and for some reason this time we are excited about autumn/winter, maybe had too much of a summer?
So lets get started!!!

Karen's Picks

I love wearing this colour during autumn/winter, because my outfits in that season are quite dark, for example, my coats are usually black. Therefore, to brighten up my overall look, I like to wear this lipstick. This colour isn't too bright, but enough in my opinion and I always get compliments when I wear this :) Also, this is not drying at all, which is perfect for the cold weather! 

As I have mentioned, I like to wear a brighter lip during autumn and this is another reason for choosing this lipstick. I am not yet comfortable to wear a bright red lipstick, and this is the closest shade I could wear to a shape red colour. I love this because it has a mint scent to it, which is always nice to smell haha :) 

This is one of my favourite lipsticks! The pink shade of this is absolutely lovely and it is such a 'me shade'. I believe that this is an 'underdog' product, because noone ever talks about this!! However, if you are willing to invest into a high-end lip product, I would 100% recommend this! BECAUSE, first, just look at the packaging, it's so elegant and beautiful! Second, as this is a serum for the lips, it was designed to treat your lips with moisture which is amazing for all year round. Third, the product is so smooth, and it just melts onto your lips :) There are just so many good things about this, so you should really check this out next time you walk pass a Dior counter :P x 

    Avneesh's Picks
                Left Rimmel 128 Starry-Eyed| Middle Maybelline 540 Hollywood Red| Right Revlon Lipbutter 010 Raspberry Pie

    Rimmel lasting finish lipstick- 128 Starry-Eyed
    I Love this colour, it is dark, but not vampy. It is a bold colour which says "I'm Fashionable". It just adds to any outfit or make-up look. It looks lovely ith a natural eye look and even with a winged-eye liner. The pigmentation is great of these Rimmel lipsticks and it lasts well too. Unfortunately I couldn't find this colour on the boots website, you guys should check it out in store if they have it.

    Maybelline colour sensational- 540 Hollywood Red
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour, this is one of my favourite lipstick. During the colder months I wear it all the time but even for summer it is a good colour. It just brightens my face up without looking like I have put too much effort, I will say as it is, it makes me feel pretty! Pigmentation is great, lasts really well, moisturising and creamy. I think this colour will always be in my collection forever. I will repurchase it again and again! Unfortunately I couldn't find the link on boots. But they do have it in store.

    Revlon colourburst lip butter- 010 Raspberry Pie
    When I bought it I didn't like it at first, now I can't remember why I didn't like it. The hype about these lip butters are all worth it. This colour especially, is also my all time favourite, it is glossy as well but not sticky like a lip gloss. The pigmentation again is great and lasts so well. I apply it lightly if I want a subtle look and if I want to go bright I layer it up. Also it smells like vanilla. Absolutely love it.

    We love these shades, we already know we will be wearing them like there's no tomorrow. ;)
    Let us know which are your autumn/winter favourite shades! xx

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