Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Karen: Drugstore Beauty Haul

Hey ladies :) The drugstores are doing some great products at the moment which a lot of bloggers may have raved about. If you live in the UK, you'll also know that Boots is doing the offer of 3 for 2 on selected items. As I'm in Hong Kong during this summer holiday, I didn't get to enjoy that offer; however, I asked Avneesh to get me some products ;)

These items are still at Avneesh's, so they have not been opened yet and I can't do the swatches for you, sorry :/

Revlon Photo Ready Cream Brush in Coral Reed
Never owed a cream brush, and heard a lot of things about the revlon one, so I bought it :) Also, I have seen other people wearing this in their pictures, and it looks lovely on them. Although the packaging looks scarily red, it doesn't come out like that once it has been nicely blended. 

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher in Soft Pink
Another cream blush that I wanted to try ever since it was launched. This soft pink looks great and I think it's a shade for every skin colour.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Intense Care
As mentioned in one of our posts (read here), I quite enjoy the baby lips for moisturisation. I had the blue tube one before, and I want to try this 'Intense Care' lip balm :)

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush
I need a new liner brush, so I got this one. There isn't much explanation as to why I wanted it haha!

Real Techniques Core Collection
This collection contains four brushes, which are the detailer brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and buffing brush. I love Real Techniques' brushes; I think they are very affordable and great tools. I have heard so much about the buffing brush, which is the main reason why I wanted this :)

BarryM Gelly Nail Polishes in Prickly Pear, Grapefruit and Greenberry
Need I say more about these nail polishes? I love them and I wanted to have shades haha! We have done a blog post on these, it was our first blog post too... (Read Here)

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Fushia-Ristic
I know a lot YouTubers love this product and I just want to see what the fuss is all about. I bought the shade fushia-Ristic because I don't have many lip products which is a fuschia shade!

Soap & Glory Glow All Out Luminzing Face Powder
Again, this is such a hyped up product, and I just really want to try it!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Lotion
Soap and Glory's body products are known as their heavenly scents! I have their shower gel which smell soooooo GOOD! So, decided to get more of their products :)

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Body Scrub

I really can't wait to open these bad boys when I see Avneesh after summer!!!! I'm so excited to try these out :)
Hope you enjoy this post, and let me know what you think of the products x

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