Thursday, 15 August 2013

Karen: Fashion Haul

Hey :) So, I went to shopping recently, and so I decided to do a fashion haul for you all.

First, I think I should start with what I bought in the sale before. I couldn't find them on the website, so I'm really sorry if you can't get hold of them anymore :S
Got this jumper from H&M. Love the colour and thought it'd look really nice with a blouse inside :)
Again, from H&M - I love jumpers like this, because it's easy and causal which is perfect for uni! 
From Zara! Such a bargain, though I can't remember how much it was on sale for. But I love blazers and I know I will wear this a lot :) 

NOW into the normal clothing, which wasn't from the sale!

From Brandy Melville 

Love the brand, it has a lot cute small graphics! They were gifts from my sister when she went to New York. I have been wearing these two to death and they look really nice with high-wiasted jeans or skirts :) I managed to find the white graphic on the website (here), however, I couldn't find the black one which was all over tumblr like a month ago haha! I wish we will have a Brandy Melville store in the UK soon!

From H&M 
I never owned denim  jacket, and saw this cute one, so I bought it :) 
I am a sucker when it comes to flats with bows on them! These ballet pumps were too cute to just leave them in the store! They have more colours and they are currently on sale, so go and get your pair!  
I purchased this just a few days ago, but I couldn't find it on the website :/ But anyway, I thought this black dress can be dressed up or down :) 

From Stradivarius 
The brand isn't available in the UK, but is available in other countries according to the website. So, I'm really sorry if you can't get these items :/ 

I have been looking for brown boots like these for ages, as my old ones are getting a bit old. I like that they are really simple and hasn't got any bold details on them! (here

Yes, another jumper haha... this is really nice because it's quite tight, so it really shows off your figure in a good way :) (here)

From Pull&Bear 
Love these wedges, they are very comfortable and causal :) Also, they are not too high, so I can wear them a lot during the summer with dresses! (here)

From Bershka 
As you can tell, I am a shoes whore! I have a lot of shoes, and I love buying shoes, especially flats! And these ones are very casual and simple looking which I thought would be good for uni :) (here)

From Converse 
Sorry for the dirty Converse, it shows I have been wearing them haha :) I was influenced by the pictures tumblr to get these... and I love wearing them! (here)
From Topshop 
Sorry, for the background of this photo... It was taken on the train because I really wanted to whatsapp this to my friend when I bought it! It is my first midi-ring and it has the letter 'K' on it! I thought it was nice and personal :) (here)

Hope you enjoyed this haul, and that I didn't bore you :/ Let me know if you like fashion posts, so I'll know if I should continue doing them :) x

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