Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Review: Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay

Hi girls :) Today, we'll review the Naked Basics Palette Urban Decay for you :) We were both influenced by EssieButton, who is one of our favourite YouTubers of ALL TIME (her channel)! Hope you will enjoy reading this! 

Avneesh's Review: 
I love this palette, I use it all the time. I think every girl should have this because it has all these amazing shadows for everyone and you can't go wrong with it. I use Naked 2 all over the lid, sometimes I put faint in my crease and outside corner of the eye. Venus is the only shimmery shade in this matte palette and it is great for inner corner. Foxy is a good one for brow bone. Sometimes I use walk of shame on the lid, naked 2 in the crease and faint in the inner corner. Crave is great to use as a liner but it can also be used on the outer corner of the eye and blended well. They are all so well pigmented, you can create a natural look or even a smokey one with this palette. It has a big mirror in it which I love too. This is my all time favourite product, if you are just starting make-up I personally think you don't need to buy any other eye-shadows, just get this and you are sorted!

Karen's Review: 
At first, I was a bit hesitate as to whether or not to get the Naked 2 or Basics palette. After reading a lot of reviews of both of the palette, I have gathered that the Basics palette is more practical and I can get more use out of the shades. I am so glad I made this decision because I am really happy with this palette as they are mostly matte shades! 
I love using 'Venus' to highlight my brow-bone and the inner-conner of my eyes. Also, the shade 'Naked 2' looks lovely in the crease, and sometimes if I want a more dramatic look, I'd apply 'Faint' in the crease too! 'Crave' is amazing when it's used as a liner with a angled brush :) 
All shades are very wearable as a everyday look, and I love palettes like this because the shades have already been chosen for you, so you don't have to go through all the trouble to look through all the eye shadows and choose your favourite! This palette is worth every penny, definitely recommend you to check this out! 

What's your opinion of the Urban Decay palette? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to find out :) x

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