Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Helllooo pretty ladies :) So the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm finally here in the UK! And we know that everyone has been so excited for them and everyone loves them. So here is what we think of them.

Karen's Review
I only got one of the baby lips, and it is the 'Quenched' one in the blue packaging. This hasn't got any colour, as it's only purpose is to moisturise the lips. I really like it, and it does its job. On top of that, it smells really nice, as to all other baby lips. 
The reason why I didn't get the ones with a sheer of colour was because I didn't think I would use it often. I usually like to use lipstick for a more pigmented finish, so the idea of the other baby lips are not really for me :/ Overall, I really enjoy using this quenched baby lips as I have already mentioned this in my July favourites

Avneesh's Review

Sorry guys I am not impressed with these. Same as Karen I like pigmented lip products and these are just not for me. I have other lip balms which I use and like them better. Also they only have 2 coloured ones which are the wrong colours for dark skin tones like mine. They should have had a maroon one which even though sheer would look good and suit all skin tones. The pink punch is too pale (even though very sheer) and the peach kiss has shimmer which I don't like. I was so unimpressed with boots (brent cross) because they didn't have it for a long time after they were launched, then one day I asked a sales assistant and she said they have it but not on the display, so she got me these from the back, and I couldn't test them either. However I do really like the smell of these and they are very moisturising. They are good for a natural look when I don't feel like putting heavy make-up on. And I think they are good as lip balms. Its just that I expected more from them, otherwise they are a great product. 
Left Pink Punch, Right Peach kiss

Let us know which ones you got and like :) xx

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